Dealing With 8th Grade Science Homework: Tried And Tested Strategies

Science homework in the 8th grade can be pretty difficult to deal with when students don’t have the right approach or strategy to stay organized and on top of the weekly assignments. In order to succeed at this level and develop the habits that will carry you through your academic career, you should consider these tried and tested strategies for dealing with science homework in the 8th grade:

Getting Organized with a Planner

One of the reasons many 8th graders struggle with this and other subjects is because they are disorganized when it comes to take home assignments. Invest in a good planner you can use to schedule all of your weekly assignments. Learn to prioritize your tasks and schedule your longest assignments throughout the week across several manageable tasks.

Developing Nightly Task List

As a part of your weekly plan you should break down each nightly assignment into small tasks that you can check off as you go. This is a highly effective means of developing a rhythm and using each completed task for motivation to move further. Keep things even throughout the week so you aren’t overwhelmed on any given night.

Creating a Quiet Workspace

In order to develop a good routine to complete your science homework you should look into creating a quiet workspace that serves as a sort of sanctuary where you are 100% free of distractions. There have been many studies pointing to the positive effects of having a designated workspace, the primary reason being that your brain will associate sitting at that space as the time in which it needs to switch to a critical work mode, allowing you to get started more easily.

Keeping Healthy Snacks Nearby

You should always prepare several healthy snacks to keep nearby before you settle down to get started with work. You are bound to get hungry at some point in the evening and you will be tempted to get up and search the kitchen or a vending machine for food. Just think about how much time is wasted. Prep your snacks beforehand and stay away from the sugary stuff.

Scheduling Regular Study Breaks

It’s difficult to work non-stop for hours at a time, which is why you should schedule regular study breaks so that you can give your mind a rest. No two people are exactly alike so you will probably want to try out a few different strategies before find the right system. A pretty good starting point is to take a ten minute break for every hour worked. Try this for a few nights and make adjustments as needed.


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