How To Complete Your Writing Assignment Using A Free Essay

Handling of writing assignments can be quite complicated for many students. That’s why it makes sense to use free samples of essays that are available on the Web and in libraries. However, not all students know what they can do with those samples and how they can help. Let’s see now what you can do to take advantage of the free samples of essays.

Choose Your Type

To begin with, you need to know exactly what type of essay you are to write. It will help you narrow down the research and find exactly what you need. Essays of different types should be written in different ways. Then, you need to make sure where you are going to search. The most reliable samples of essays are available in libraries and writing labs of your school or college. If you are searching on the Internet, give attention to free samples of projects at websites of companies that render assignment writing services.

Define Your Goal

Then, when you have found free samples, you need to make sure what for you need them. If you require assistance in formatting matters, the sample you have found can be a good pattern for the proper organization of the paper. In case you need information that is relevant to your own topic, you can find it in free samples of essays, too. However, you cannot simply copy the information down, in order to avoid plagiarism charges. Still, you can use the direct quotations that you can find in the text alongside the reference to their authors.

Avoid Plagiarism

In case you do like certain pieces of the sample text, use it after detailed paraphrasing. This is how you will make your text unique. Be sure to check it for plagiarism after you are through with the assignment, with the help of special programs that are available on the Internet. As soon as you are sure that the text is unique, you can submit it as your own one. Before you get down to paraphrasing, though, use your favorite search engine and check whether the text you like is not a citation from another author. If so, it’s better to organize it as a direct quotation from the genuine text.

Use the Reference List

Finally, you can use free samples as a list of reference sources (in case such information is attached to the main text). Any research should be confirmed with at least three (better five or more) reliable reference sources of information. If you have problems with finding them on your own, you can use bibliography pages from online samples.


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