What Are The Negative Effects Of Excessive Homework?

When teachers assign homework to their students, they consider it beneficial for deepening their knowledge. However, excessive homework can have harmful effects. It often results in changes in students’ social activity or family relations and affects their health. For instance, assigning a great deal of home tasks can cause the following problems:

  • Less communication.
  • Students who are busy with their home assignments are deprived of the opportunity to communicate with other people any time they want. Children and teenagers get a lot of experience through socialization. They can learn how to solve conflicts or control their emotions. A child won’t develop enough skills if there is a lack of social interaction.

  • Poor studying process.
  • If students have too much homework, they cannot actively participate in the learning process and develop their skills of finding solutions to raised issues. In addition to the fact that students may have no time for proper studying, they may not be able to devote time to the activities that are interesting for them. As a result, it may affect their career in future.

  • Disbalance in day regimen.
  • If home assignments are overwhelming for students, they are not able to divide their time between work and rest. Usually excessive amount of tasks results in trouble sleeping and exhaustion. All these factors affect the ability to comprehend information.

  • Efficiency loss.
  • According to various researchers, it is important to allot appropriate amount of time for assignments to achieve success. The general recommendation is that every grade level requires not more than 10 minutes of work. If students spend more than this, it’s regarded as inefficient and excessive.

If you have difficulties with your home assignments, consider the following recommendations:

  • Plan everything.
  • Make a schedule and determine the amount of time for each task. If you don’t want to miss the deadline, you should think of everything in advance. Planning will help you avoid rushing and overwhelming amount of work.

  • Do not procrastinate.
  • Try to determine a specific part of the day to do your assignments. Begin your work at a set time, keep to the schedule and remember that procrastination will result in long hours of work.

  • Organize your workspace.
  • Organize your desk appropriately so that you won’t get distracted. You need to set aside all the gadgets and have all the stationery at hand. This will help you stay focused.

  • Ask for help.
  • If home tasks are unbearable for you, you can hire a professional qualified in the subject.


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