How Does Homework Affect Students: Professional View

Homework is the worst nightmare for students of all academic levels. Whatever they do, they cannot ignore or avoid writing home assignments that teachers give them for various subjects. Studies show that home assignments increase by 40% over the past decade. The main reason for this increase in burden is increasing competition. More and more universities, schools and colleges revise their syllabus and educational structure in order to produce the best lot for academic purposes. Each educational institute wants to have top grade students in order to make its reputation better and have A grade holders. These institutes ignore the effect on students by giving complex and lengthy home tasks. The most problematic part is the repetitive nature of these assignments. Students blame teachers for assigning tasks that are monotonous and boring. It is out of the control of the teachers themselves because they have to stick to the pattern set by the school or college. Parents and students both feel exhausted when they attempt homework assignments. Parents complain that their kids do not find enough time for personal development and learning. This is true in a way because the most productive time is the free time, which students rarely have

This article aims on discussing and exploring the effects of homework assignments on students and their creativity. Even though homework is important to revise the concepts taught in school, excess of such assignments will make the student hate the subject or even the concept of studying. Parents argue that such assignments kill the creativity of students and force them to complete tasks that are least interesting. Experts suggest that an average high school student should receive 2 hours of home tasks on a regular basis. This is far less than what students actually complete are during their academic careers.

Another important point to note here is that these assignments do not let students be imaginative or creative. They only make students able to follow a set of instructions. We need to realize that with increasing competition in every filed of life, we need brains that could take initiative and be world leaders. A large group of parents around the world is strictly against this homework pattern and raise awareness on homeschooling. This can be devastating if the educational institutes lose their values and parents stop sending their kids to school because of homework assignments


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