How to Find a Service where I Can Pay Someone to Do My Homework

To find a service where someone can do your homework for you is simple: simply use a popular internet search engine entering the words “do my homework” or “service where I can pay someone to do my homework”, and click on any of the first results – not a sponsored result, though. Be careful when choosing a website, and do some research before settling for a provider.

Sign Up An Account

You must create an account on one of these websites before they will begin processing your request. To create an account you must first enter the following:

  • Username
  • Password
  • E-mail Address, then
  • Confirm Password

Make sure you store your username and password on either a piece of paper you keep handy, or notepad on your computer. Simply type in a desired username and password you are comfortable with, then, type in an e-mail address you are currently using, and re-type your password in the last box for security. You will need to check your e-mail and confirm the e-mail you are sent by the website, again for security reasons.

Setting Up Homework Details

There will be several requests asked of you, such as entering the following information:

  • Subject
  • Title
  • Date & Time Due
  • Budget
  • Details

You will be given a list of a variety of different topics to choose from, these include Art, History, Science, etc.; simply choose your desired subject. Enter a title for your homework submission. Enter the date and time by which your homework is due, and make sure to check the time zone the site is working by. Next, enter a budget which will you feel will appropriately represent the quantity and quality of work you want done, this may range anywhere from $25-$500. Lastly, add a paragraph in-sighting the nature of the project. On the bottom of the screen you can hopefully find some option labeled “Post Project Now”, scroll down and click on it to post your project to the website, and have people start bidding to do your work. Once posted, hopefully people will see your project and begin to offer you their services for their desired rate of pay – you will need to choose who you feel will best complete your work, and offer the insight you desire from the homework.


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