How Can I Do My Organic Chemistry Homework If I Don't Understand It?

Homework can create somewhat of a question at times, and there are some times that it may not just seem worth it, and it can be frustrating. It could also be that the person just doesn’t want to do it but in any case, doing it for the grade or doing for joy depends on the person and their approach. Chemistry homework is unique in that it always has some answers in order to verify the response. There is no I can’t; only I won’t. Some resources are available for the student if they insist they don’t understand in order to get out of the work.

  • Online Calculators
  • Ask question in forums
  • Answer platforms
  • Chemistry Blogs

Online Calculators

If the student is having an issue with their homework and they pretend lie that don’t have a clue what’s going on there are always online calculators that are specific to the topic. This includes chemistry and they are equation based and have formulas that are pre-made in order to find that specific answer for instant feedback and the student can check their own work and teach themselves.


Forums often have people and individuals who are constantly involved in creating a lot of information by asking some questions about homework assignments they don’t understand. This makes quite a place for students to find some answers or get clarification.

Answer platforms

These are websites that students can frequent with a specific question. Someone will post the forum, and most of them won’t always have the answer and some of them will know and some won’t, but check the answers that are had from this situation.

Chemistry blogs

These are blogs and platforms that are constantly updated with different information that provide some answers for anyone involved in finding some of the answers. These are often posted with information for the sake of traffic and sometimes made by students, so the answers almost always check out as they have to increase the traffic.

While these sites all have a cost in terms of the individual pretending they can’t do it, they do offer an alternative to sitting around and being frustrated all the time. Each of these websites offers a credible place to find answers that can be submitted and feedback given for each question in chemistry no matter what the question.


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