Where to Go if I Need Help with My Science Homework for Free

If you are having trouble with college, high school, or middle school science of any kind, do not despair. Help is on the way. Today’s students need not worry, because there is a plethora of help both on the web and off, and the possibilities are high for you to find the perfect help just for you quite quickly. Some of the best options are to visit the science department secretary and see if they have any tutors available, to seek out a tutor in science online, or to befriend someone in your class and to ask them for help. However, the best science help today are on several websites, where you can basically teach yourself any kind of science from biology, to chemistry, to astronomy through fun, interactive videos and activities. I’m going to discuss some of them here.

How to Choose What Kind of Help to Seek

Some students like to interact with their computer and immediately become part of the learning process themselves. We call these active learners—and that is what I am. I immediately want to find out if I already know half the answers, you understand. And the way I learn is through being tested, getting answers right and wrong and learning that way. That is because I get a great deal of satisfaction from getting the answers right and I take it very hard when I get them wrong, which imprints that on my memory. So I do better with interactive activities and worse when I have to passively listen or watch videos. However, it is great if you can get used to watching videos – because YouTube is the place to be anymore when you want to become a genius on virtually any topic—any.

Interactive Science Exercises

Let’s say you are taking chemistry and you have to memorize the periodic table. What better way to learn this than through memory activities and flash cards you can find on the web. Heck, they’re mahjongg games that can teach you all kinds of subjects that are very fun and they imprint them on your memory.

The Wonder of YouTube

I have students who say they mastered every thing from linear algebra, to science, to taking apart their car engine to extract the battery and go get it repaired. Not only does YouTube have great help on it—you can even take classes from such high level universities such as Harvard, Yale, and others.


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