Selecting a Proper Homework Planner: 5 Things to Consider 

As soon as you start your school shopping at the beginning of new school year, be sure to buy, besides the needed stationary and textbooks, a proper planner. This is a really helpful tool that makes your busy student life more organized and settled. You not only write down all your homework assignments into it, but also can include all the important events of your life that are due on a certain date; moreover, modern planners contain lots of useful information together with educational references that may come in handy one day. Owing a proper homework organizer does make a difference, which is why consider the following things to make a right choice:

  1. Size and enough space to write.
  2. You can come across a wide choice of planners of different sizes, shapes, and styles. Some of them are too bulky, while the others are really compact and portable. When deciding which one to choose, think if there is enough room for recording all the needed information and have it all arranged in a clear and comprehensible way. If you tend to write in a large hand, consider selecting the bigger datebook. On the contrary, you may opt for a more space-saving version if you usually write small.

  3. Clear organization.
  4. Strange though it may seem, not every homework planner is well-organized. If it is structured in built-in tabs, you will only benefit. Section tabs are used to divide your book into separate months or weeks, and you can easily access the needed date through them. Pay attention to the position of calendar as well, it should be immediately on the first or last page of your organizer.

  5. User-friendly format.
  6. Let your planner have a comprehensible format. You shouldn’t flip through the pages vainly trying to find your homework assignment for the day.

  7. School year date range.
  8. When looking through available planners, take note of date formats they have. It may happen that a datebook covers the whole year or six months. However, it is needed that the school year in particular, with the notes starting in August and finishing in June, be covered.

  9. Durability.
  10. The homework planner will serve you a whole school year, which is why it is important that it be well-bound and have a durable cover. It can often fall to the ground or be heavily stuck into your backpack, but hard laminated cover will save pages and notes, while thin paper cover won’t do the job.


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