Searching for a Trusted Assignment Writing Help Service

If you are overloaded with academic assignments, you can make your life easier by having a writing service do part of these papers. In order not to put your grades at risk, take time to choose a reliable service. Here are the main “dos and don’ts” of looking for a trustworthy helper.


  • Use the recommendations of people whom you know personally.
  • If a writing service has done an excellent job for your friend, it would probably help you out as well.

  • Check the company’s registration.
  • The best writing companies are officially registered in either the U.S. or the UK. They usually indicate it on the website’s main page. Look for a company’s registration number, physical address, and phone number. This information should be easily available on the website.

  • Look for customer satisfaction guarantees.
  • Many writing websites feature colorful seals that read “100% original work” or “money-back guarantee.” Such pictures are fine, but not enough. Search the website for actual texts of guarantees. Read them carefully to determine what you can expect. On a reputable website, you should be able to view customer guarantees for free without registration.


  • Rely on customer testimonials on a writing website or third party resources.
  • Such testimonials may be fake, even when accompanied by customer names and photos. Remember that reputable writing services should protect the privacy of their clients. If these people were actual students who used this service, a disclosure of this fact could create great problems for their academic record, up to being expelled from a college or university.

  • Consider websites whose prices are too low.
  • A trustworthy service is one that hires professional writers, and they need decent rewards for their time and effort. The average cost for a customer is about $10 per page. The actual price can be higher if your paper is especially difficult or has to be completed urgently. Anything that is far below this level (under $5 per page) indicates either a low quality of service or a scamming scheme.

  • Place your order before you find out all the important details.
  • The larger the paper you need to buy, the more selective you have to be. If you need help with a term paper or a dissertation, you should be able to know what academic degree your writer has and what similar papers he or she has written before (their number and topics). If a writing service’s manager evades your questions and no direct communication with a writer is possible, this company is not the one you should trust.


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