Why Homework Is Helpful: Answering A Popular Question

There should never be a question as to why there is homework when it comes to school. I do not think there are too many students that would carry a 100% average on their testing on the academic subjects. Unless you are a genius then yes, assignments should always be a necessity to learning. Doing after school assignments helps in areas of life after school is done. Teachers give these assignments not to cause havoc in your life but to see what you are not understanding. This work also shows how much effort the student is actually putting into the subject. Having low or failing grades does not always mean the student does not understand the material. These are some of the answers to the popular question of why homework is helpful.

External problems may affect homework

Unfortunately, there are always outside scenarios that may cause problems in completing the work. Teachers sometimes are not given the credit they deserve in teaching a class. Depending on the grade and age of the children these outside forces could be effecting more than the grades. Experienced teachers know and understand these problems. The problems could range from learning disorders to any type of abuse. Being able to decipher what is happening in the student’s life away from school may save that child from years of agony. School has many challenges for the student as it is. Eliminating serious problems in the home front could improve not only the performance at school but their existence in their personal life.

What is homework really for?

Students may not understand why assignments are helpful in the long run for them. Answering this popular question is pretty straightforward. Assignments done away from the classroom teaches a sense of discipline and responsibility. Learning in a classroom environment is easier for most and hard for others. Understanding the student’s needs gives the teacher a chance to set up a form of learning that may call for extra attention. Most teachers get into the profession because they have a strong desire to teach the younger generation. Contrary to what some students think, teachers are not out to get them.

The question for the reason for homework can also be answered with working in the adult world. Look at how many workers that have to bring their job home with them. Ironically the same goes for teachers. They have to come up with the daily assignments and grade the tests given in that week. In conclusion, assignments start at school and continues through our lives. So the main answer to the popular question of why is homework helpful is that it prepares us for life as an adult.


Educater Owan

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