I Need Help with My English Homework for Free - 5 Ways to Solve the Problem

The first thing you need to make very clear is what part of English homework with which you need help. I mean are we talking about grammar or spelling or writing skills with editing and revising? There are so many parts to English homework but first of all you need to know which part or parts you are talking about. So not only are we talking about specific aspects of English we’re also talking about those specific aspects which are causing you problems.

The short answer to the question in the topic is that yes it is possible to get free help for your English homework if you put a bit of thought into it. Here are five possible sources of English homework help.

  1. One or more of your fellow students.
  2. Asking your English teacher.
  3. A member of your family.
  4. Websites which offer a variety of services.
  5. Examples of English papers in libraries and online.

If you are able to barter with a fellow student -- they help you with your English homework and you help them with another subject - you might have an excellent resource for tackling your homework assignment. Obviously it helps if the student is good at their English homework but it certainly is an opportunity to obtain free help.

Your English teacher is not in a position to give free private tuition to one or more of their students but certainly they are available to give you a guiding hand. They can point you to resources which will assist with your English homework.

If you have a member of your family and possibly an older member who has tackled the same subject themselves, certainly they are a possibility as far as help with your English homework is concerned. It might mean that you have to do some extra chores around the house in order to pay for this free service.

There are literally thousands of websites with content concerning English homework. Many of these websites offer free advice. They have tutorials in the form of articles or even webinars or videos. It's a matter of knowing what type of English homework help you need and then fine-tuning your search to land on these appropriate webpages.

Finally in your school library and certainly online you can find many free examples of essays and other English related activities. One of the best ways to learn about certain aspects of your English homework is to see how other students have tackled it before you.


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